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Oral health in the classroom - teacher's toolbox

Teachers’ Toolbox: Level K-2

I. Outcomes Overview K-2:
Below is an overview of the New Brunswick Department of Education Health
Education Curriculum outcomes derived from the Health Education Curriculum
“You and Your World”, Kindergarten – Grade 2. This Oral Health Curriculum aims
to apply the outcomes to oral health as outlined below.

A) Kindergarten
K.1.2) describe their own physical changes and unique characteristics [i.e. losing
“baby” teeth]
K.2.1) describe the importance of personal hygiene and practise it in order to
reduce the spread of germs and disease [i.e. brushing and fl ossing teeth]
K.2.2) identify types of activities that support a healthy lifestyle [i.e. brushing and
flossing teeth, eating and drinking for healthy teeth]

B) Grade 1
1.3.1) understand, develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle; [i.e. eating and drinking
for healthy teeth]
1.3.2) explain how good eating habits contribute to health and well-being;
1.3.3) identify habits and products that are harmful to our health.

C) Grade 2
2.1.3) describe changes in humans as they grow, and contrast human growth
with that of other organisms.
2.4.1) understand, develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle;
2.4.2) appreciate the need for safety and self-protection in the home, school and
in the community; and
2.5.2) compare properties of familiar liquids and solids and investigate how they


Module One: Treasured Teeth
Module Two: Cavities and Other Changes to Teeth
Module Three: Taking Care of Teeth to Keep them Tough