NB Dental
Oral health in the classroom - teacher's toolbox

Resources: Level K-2

I. Module Preparation
• Review the materials in this package as well as the Oral Health Glossary for
concepts and terms. The unit is designed to be used in whole or in part, depending
on the time available within the classroom. Some activities may take
more time or resources than others.
• Additional readings and other resources are noted in the document, “Dental
Days Reading List”.
• Print, and have parents sign and return the “Sample Letter to Parents” before
the start of the Dental Days unit.
• Print materials to send home: “Smile Care Calendar” and the “Toothbrush
Song”. The “Smile Care Calendar” is to be returned upon the completion of
the unit.
Contact the NB Dental Society to arrange for a dentist or other dental team
member to speak with the class, if possible.

Additional Resources (PDF)
Letter to Parents
Oral Health Glossary
Word Wall for Dental Words
Reading and online resources
Say it with symbols – A visit to the Dentist

Mouth Mirror
Smile Care Calendar
Tooth Chart
How to Brush
How to Floss